We bought our first motorhome from you in 2012 for 5 months, then sold it back to you. In 2013 we bought back the same van again, spent another 5 months travelling on the continent and GB, and then left it in your care over winter till we returned again in 2014 for another holiday in Britain.

Then we sold it back to you, again. We've had a few holidays at home in Australia over the last few years in a caravan, which seems to suit our Australian conditions, but we did love all the conveniences of motorhoming in the UK. We loved the way you set up the van for us each time we arrived in England. You answered all our questions, went over and over the bits we weren't sure of, and then talked us through things when we had a couple of problems on the road. And always with your full attention and good cheer. What a treat to be able to make the arrangements beforehand and get all the support with paperwork and the legal stuff, and then hop in the van and trundle off into the wonderful British countryside. You helped to make our three sojourns into wonderful experiences, and we sincerely thank Mike

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