Motorhomes can provide priceless experiences for you and your family.  Here at Southern Motorhomes we understand what an important investment this can be and want to try and help you understand the costs involved with owning and running your motorhome.  Of course - motorhome running costs will vary according to your individual lifestyle, but the resources in these guides should help you get some idea.

  • We advise all our customers to shop around to find the best deal for their Motorhome insurance. Although not a hard and fast rule - our experience is that companies which specialise in Motorhome and Campervan insurance offer the best cover. They know how important your motorhome is to you, and can suggest the most suitable policy for your needs.
  • Motorhome running costs vary by model and lifestyle. Fuel consumption figures can be found at When converting for a motorhome, expect a 10 - 30% reduction, depending on the body and weight of your motorhome. Whilst individual motorhome costs vary - as a rough estimate you could budget:
  • Long Motorhome holiday? Hiring too expensive? Worried it might not suit you? We understand and our "guaranteed minimum buyback offer" is designed to help. Purchase the motorhome of your choice. Go where you want, when you want, and return when you're ready. We then buyback your Motorhome at a price we agree before you buy it.

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