At Southern Motorhomes we want you to relax and enjoy your Motorhome...

That's why we carefully inspect the motorhomes we sell and carry out any service work that's needed before you drive away.
Even with the best servicing we can offer, sometimes breakdowns and mechanical failures still happen, so the 100% Southern Motorhome Centre Warranty does what is says on the tin.  If there’s a fault with your motorhome:

•            We will put it right

•            No ifs, no buts and no maybes  

We weren’t satisfied when we looked at the warranties available from most other used motorhome dealers.  Small print peppered with exclusions that often meant things you thought were covered, ended up being excluded.

Take one example from a well-known UK dealer.  Faults in your wiring looms, clutch facings, belts and hoses simply are not covered. 

This is because most dealers rely on an insurance scheme to protect themselves against the financial risk of a major fault occurring during your warranty period.  Understandably - to keep their cost of claims to a manageable level - insurers pick and choose what they will and will not pay for - often the things that go wrong end up excluded.

We manage that risk a little differently - by making sure we only buy well cared for motorhomes, thoroughly inspecting them before we sell them, and having our own specialist workshop on site to resolve any problems.

OK - we do have some small print.  For your part you’ve got to look after your motorhome, drive and treat it reasonably, (not through floods, with the handbrake left on or riding the clutch on hills), and not hire or race it.

Southern Motorhomes Warranty

Protects your motorhome for 3 months (motorhomes over 6 years old) or 6 months (motorhomes under 6 years old)

You have to look after your motorhome and have it serviced in accordance with the manufacturer schedule - not necessarily at a main dealer, but you must be able to provide receipts to evidence correct servicing in the event of a claim.

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