Discover Dashing Deals for December

It's been a record breaking year for Southern Motorhomes, but never one to rest on our laurels, we'd like put the icing on the christmas cake and pull a real cracker by finishing 2017 with a bang. 

Join in our DASHING DECEMBER DEALS...  not only will you get a very festive discount on your chosen motorhome, but you can also pull one of our very special Christmas Crackers.

As well as a corny joke and a flimsy hat, our crackers contain an extra special surprise which could be anything from free habitation checks, cycle racks, TV's and accessories through to an extra £500.00 discount.

Come to Southern Motorhomes, have a browse, pick the motorhome you like, make us an offer.   We are here to make some great deals and when we do - you get to pick one of our very special Christmas Crackers.

Just to kick things off - here are a couple 2017 brand new Auto-Sleepers with some stunning savings on the 2018 models arriving shortly...

Auto-Sleepers 2018 Model 2017 Model *Save
Symbol with Premium and Winter Pack (SOLD!) £53,995.00 £48,495.00 £5,500.00
Kingham with Premium and Winter Pack (SOLD!) £57,495.00 £51,995.00 £5,500.00



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